HeatShare Program

What is the HeatShare Program?

HeatShare is a Salvation Army program that provides emergency utility assistance, so people with no place to turn can afford natural gas, oil, propane, and electricity to heat their homes. It’s funded by Salvation Army donors, customers of utility companies, and gifts from people like you.

Why Should I Care?

Who Benefits?

Xcel Energy & The Salvation Army

Heat isn’t a luxury—it’s essential to the health and wellbeing of everyone in the community.  Annually, nearly 40,000 households request HeatShare assistance. With your help, we can keep growing HeatShare so that everyone can stay warm during times of need.

HeatShare provides assistance to low-income seniors, people unable to maintain a steady income due to disabilities, and others experiencing unexpected financial emergencies. When government programs can’t keep up with the urgent need for heat assistance, HeatShare is there to help people when they need it most.

How is HeatShare Funded?

People like you fund the HeatShare program by giving directly to the Salvation Army, as well as by opting in to monthly donations on their energy bills. Additional support is provided by local utility companies and other organizations.

Impact of Dontations

Since its inception in 1982, the HeatShare program has provided more that $32 million worth of assistance. Today, about 4,700 households receive an average of $370 in heating assistance annually. The Warming House is just one part of the HeatShare effort, and we’re proud to be involved.

Making an Impact with the Puck-O-Matic

Heatshare Stories

In Faribault County The Salvation Army helped a family with the final fill of their propane tank. The married couple with two children informed our staff they would be looking for a new house to rent because they knew they would not be able to afford an additional fill this winter.

A woman in Olmstead County is working full time. She lost her husband to cancer in May. She had been able to make things work financially until the Propane Crisis hit. Fuel going from less than $3 a gallon to nearly $6 is devastating. On top of that the vendor has a minimum fill requirement of 200 gallons – now she needs $1,200. Her income is too high for federal assistance. Along with her own funds she was able to get help from friends leaving The Salvation Army to provided $300 toward her bill.

Single mom, Sarah, with five kids ages 5 to 14, is just beginning to stabilize her life. Now that the kids are all in school, this 31-year-old forklift driver is planning to take classes to improve her employment opportunities. But 2013 was a tough year, all her money was concentrated on paying for rent and food and with two children suffering with Asthma, keeping up with bills was tough. She was about to lose her electricity in October; until The Salvation Army HeatShare stepped in to pay her overdue balance. Now the word of the year for 2014 is “relieved.”

Making a Donation

The one-of-a-kind Warming House Puck-O-Matic machine near section 124 of the Xcel Energy Center can turn your $50 donation into a unique hockey puck and heat for those in need. Or, if you’ve already got enough custom-engraved commemorative pucks, you can make a donation in any amount directly to HeatShare through the Salvation Army.

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